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Endowment Fund
Endowment Fund, Make a donation that will benefit future generations of GRACE students
An endowment provides the strong foundation that a private educational institution needs to stand the test of time. With rare exceptions, the original funds donated to an endowment are never spent, but are invested to generate returns. The majority of the excess returns each year are then used to enhance the school program.

The GRACE Christian School Endowment was started in 2007. The stated purpose of endowment returns is to enhance our ability to provide financial aid to families in need. As the endowment grows through continued donations and performance, other needs within the GRACE program and community can be addressed.

A gift to the GRACE Christian School Endowment is a wonderful way to benefit the school that your children or grandchildren currently attend, while also strengthening and preserving the GRACE mission, and benefiting generations of children to come.
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